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The Kwangsi Way In Kuomintang China, 1931-1939

This work offers a detailed study of Kwangsi, the “model province” of Nationalist China, as it prepared for war with Japan in the 1930s.

The author examines the theoretical and pragmatic origins of the Kwangsi Clique’s ideology and describes the action taken by its citizen army against the Japanese in the second Sino-Japanese War, incorporating an account of the reform programme instituted in Kwangsi during the preceding years.

“. . . Levich has made a positive contribution to the better understanding of the history of Nationalist China.  His research is quantitatively impressive, and the findings resulting from it are difficult to refute.  It is all the more interesting to appreciate Levich’s thesis in the perspective of post-Mao China, where ideology has failed and moderate reforms have been implemented in the interest of economic progress.”

Review, Lawrence N. Shyu, Pacific Affairs, March, 1995.

A Teacher’s Odyssey through the Incompetence of American Public Education: An Exposé and a Solution to the Problem

A Teacher’s Odyssey through the Incompetence of American Public Education is a shocking exposé.

Our schools earn a failing grade, with only six out of ten ten-year-olds across the nation being able to read and with half of all new teachers quitting the profession within five years. And things are getting worse. This situation presents an unacceptable threat to our national security and our future. No book, until now, has precisely identified the causes of that failure: the decades long systemic incompetence of leadership at all levels, and the strangulating regulations that prevent teachers from performing effectively.

“The book presents a clear and detailed plan to make the American educational system the best in the world, rather than just the most expensive. Without the implementation of this plan, hopes for regeneration in American public education remain a fantasy; they will never materialize. This book should be required reading for any teacher, parent, school board member, or legislator seeking massive improvements in education without the expenditure of a single additional tax dollar.”

~ Author’s Note

China Watcher

The Dragon has awakened! Read this scholarly insider’s look at China . . . it customs, history, politics, cuisine, love life, literature and art, philosophy, and much more. Witty and informative, this unique book explains aspects of Chinese culture and history often confusing to natives and foreigners alike.

All the characters described in this work are real and all the events true. The author includes his translations of some of China’s greatest poetry.

This work encompasses my thoughts about China based on a half century of study and interaction.  My primary objective is to amuse the sophisticated reader . . . but it is also to elucidate aspects of China’s culture and history.  I ask and answer difficult questions.  Many foreign sinologists, and many educated Chinese as well, will likely be unaware of some of the work’s historical and cultural information.  Each chapter offers a vignette of Chinese life and these chapters form, in toto, a kaleidoscope of China’s past and present.